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Questions? - Call Today! 833-628-8373
Questions? - Call Today! 833-628-8373

Color Concentrate/Masterbatch

Color: Black

A first in Canada! Color concentrate/masterbatch available for hobbyists/DIY'ers and Industry alike. Masterbatch is a solid additive for plastics used to color or impart other properties to the host material.

Matter3D's color concentrate is specially formulated to mix easily during the filament extrusion process! Our resin is available for PLA, ABS, and PETg. Along with the colors/materials presented, custom colors/materials are available as well! Please contact for more info. 

Color concentrate has a mix ratio of 25/1.  Color saturation will vary depending on the opacity of the base resin chosen.  Use more colorant if you want a darker shade, use less if you want a lighter shade.

Each kilo of masterbatch will yield at least 25 kilos of product.

 Color Pantone Reference
Black Black
White 000C
Grey  Grey 11 C
Red 18-1664 TCX
Blue Reflex Blue C
Yellow 012C
Purple C
Green 2272 C
Orange 021C
Carbon Fiber Matte Grey


Please note:

  1. Masterbatch compatible with designated resin only.
  2. Pantone color chips are for reference only – colors will vary depending the base resin and the mix ratio you choose.
  3. Always dry masterbatch before use.


  1. Dry masterbatch
    1.  PLA - 55°C for 4 - 6 hours
    2.  PETg - 70°C for 4 - 6 hours
    3.  ABS - 83°C for 4 - 6 hours
  2.  Let down masterbatch into natural (carrier) resin at a 25/1 (4%) ratio.
    1.  Ensure a homogenous mixture by thoroughly mixing the masterbatch
      into the natural resin
  3.  Process material as usual

     As always, synthesized, compounded and packaged by Matter3D in our Victoria, BC facility. Compatible with all polymer processing machines, including Filabot.