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Questions? - Call Today! 833-628-8373

Performance Amide - Nylon 66 - Low Warp High Temperature Carbon Fiber

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Product Description:

High temperature filament for your industrial part needs! Performance Amide High Temperature Carbon Fiber is for production of parts used in high stress environments where ambient temperatures can reach 135 °C. The material is designed to perform within a temperature range of -45°C to 135°C, without any loss in durability, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance. This material contains no halogens and is based of a food safe resin. 

Performance Amide (Nylon) 6,6 High Temperature Carbon Fiber is an engineering-grade material that is manufactured from Matter3D's own proprietary formulation. Amide 6,6 High Temperature is an amazing, highly durable, nylon reinforced filament. By adding micro-carbon fibers to nylon, you get a tough filament capable of printing parts with stiffness, impact resistance, and high tensile strength. This material is an engineering grade filament, ready for hobbyists and advanced users alike.

Matter3D's Nylon 6,6 - series of filaments are great for 3d printed parts that require strength and durability. The performance series nylon is a versatile material that is characteristically flexible but also exceptionally tough, making it prefect for impact-resistant parts that require shock absorption. 

Engineers, designers, and manufacturers turn to the Performance Amide series of filaments for their mechanical stability, low coefficient of friction, and natural chemical resistance. Compared to other Nylon materials, Matter3D’s Performance Amides offer the tuned properties for easier 3d printing without sacrificing aesthetics, quality, compatibility, reliability, or part-performance.


Like all nylons, Performance Amide 6,6 High Temperature Carbon Fiber must be kept dry! If it does not remain packaged with desiccant, it will readily absorb moisture from the air; this will lead to degraded print quality and wasted filament. You can dry it out by baking it in an oven at 85°C for 4-6 hours.



Any parts made with Matter3D’s Performance Amide can be heat treated (annealed) to improve the material's physical properties. To anneal a printed part, heat the part at 80 – 130 °C for up to 30 minutes by either submerging in hot water or by baking in an oven.

Typically if done correctly, shrinkage is in the 1-2% range after annealing
High Quality Prints

High Quality Prints

Matter3D's Filament stands out for its high speed printing, industry-leading tolerances, and excellent appearance. Experience the benefits of smooth and flawless prints with superior quality that exceeds expectations.

Matter3D Guarantee

Matter3D Guarantee

  • If you have any problems with our products talk directly to the men & women that make your filament at: and/or 250-363-9401
  • We will replace rolls that are damaged, broken, or tangled
  • We stand 100% behind our products
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